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Recycled Plastic Crochet Hooks

Recycled Plastic Crochet Hooks

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We are extremely excited to introduce the Hoooked line of crochet hooks made from 100% recycled plastic in the EU. They are very pleasant to work with, sporting a light and smooth hook.

These hooks have not been treated with chemical products.

Suggested Hoooked product uses:

4mm > For projects with RibbonXL, FuzzilliXL (currently not in stock), or Zpagetti shirt yarn.

5.5mm & 6mm > This hook is perfect for projects with Eco Barbante. (currently not in stock)

9mm & 10mm > For projects with yarn like RibbonXL, FuzzilliXL (currently not in stock), or Zpagetti shirt yarn.

12mm > For projects with Zpagetti shit yarn.

15mm & 20mm > This hook is perfect for all your bulky projects, for example, rag rugs, crochet poufs, double threading, etc...




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