Pixel Art Macrame: How Long Should My Cord Be?

Pixel Art Macrame: How Long Should My Cord Be?

Are you trying to figure out how much cord you need for a pixel art project? It can certainly be tough when you're just starting out! We want to help you figure it out so read down below for a quick guide to get you started 💚

If you need any additional help, feel free to contact us and we'll help you the best we can!


Everything listed below is based on a pixel art completed with the same size BRAIDED cord, for both stitching and the drop down threads.

🔸 3mm | Gauge

➡️ 10cm - 11 lark head knots.

⬇️ 10 cm - 16 vertical double half hitch knot.

Rough measurement for 1 vertical double half hitch knot: 0.6cm

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🔸 5mm | Gauge

➡️ 10cm - 7 lark head knots.

⬇️ 10cm - 10 vertical double half hitch knot.

Rough measurement for 1 vertical double half hitch knot: 1cm

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🔸 9mm | Gauge

➡️ 10cm - 4 lark head knots.

⬇️ 10cm - 6 vertical double half hitch knot.

Rough measurement for 1 vertical double half hitch knot: 2cm


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How do I test the length? Refer back to your pixel design to determine how many cm for the design you need. For example, with a 9mm braided cord, if you have 7 vertical knots, you'll need roughly 12cm minimum from the dowel for just the stitching. 

Quick Calculations: [Using 9mm braided cord and a 7/16th" dowel]

A | 12cm x 2 = 24cm [the pixel knots] - 7 vertical knots

B | Lark's Head Knot = 16cm [knot attaching the cord to the dowel]

[This can be adjusted for tightness/stretchiness, if you prefer your stitching looser, add a little extra cord to account for this. Don't forget your dowel size will change the calculations!]

C | 15cm x 2 = 30cm [the flowing ends]

Ending length: For this piece, we suggest starting with a piece of cord measuring 70cm in length. Ensure all of your stitching can fit before starting and adjust as needed! You may find you need to add more or less, depending on your preferences. 

📌 Reminder: If you prefer be on the safer side and add more cord than needed, the ends can always be cut when you are finished to shorten it. This guide simply helps you to start off with a minimum length to avoid missing space. 

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📌 Top Tip: Braided cord can make it a little more difficult to make accurate calculations so always add a little more to account for knotting tightness. One artists knot may be tighter than another's! Also, for your starting cords on the dowel, if your cords are too short, you may have to redo your project and start over. Always test with one strand before cutting the remainder of the dowel cords, and always round up!

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🪵 Dowel thickness for any project is based on the artists preference. Our personal favorite is using a 7/16", 0.5" sized dowel for 3mm and 5mm projects. For 9mm, we suggest a 1" thickness dowel.

Check out the 'customs orders' page here to see some of our previous work!


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