Custom Wall-Hangings

Pixelized Macrame Wall-hanging

Tapestries in pixelized form range from $25 and upwards. Below are some examples of previous creations and past custom orders to give you a general idea of what a size may cost. Please note that the prices aren't just based on the dowel size, how low it drops also contributes to the price, and any additional features.

⚠️ Processing Time: This depends on what size tapestry is ordered and whether I have all of the materials needed. Up to 12" dowels can be up to 2 days after the final design has been approved by you. Any sizes afterwards can be up to a week, and even larger (ex. 36" dowel) can take up to two weeks. Please note that if there are multiple orders to complete, it may take slightly longer. I will inform you when your order will be complete by once the final design is complete.

⚠️ Payment: For any custom orders, you can decide to either pay in full or provide 50% non-refundable deposit, however, the other 50% will be required prior to pick up/shipping out. Please note that shipping costs are extra.


Ready to order your creation today? Copy and paste the questions below and please provide the answers in an email (


For international purchasers, please proceed to our Etsy page where you will find a custom request button. Please copy and paste the questions below and state that you would like a custom pixelized wall-hanging.


Questions to answer when ordering a custom design:

⭐ What general size of a wall-hanging would you like?

⭐ Theme/Design you would like. Any writing?

⭐ Any specific colors or additions you would like or won't like?

⭐ What is your budget? Please note that some things like letters/long words can be large when pixelized so be aware if you would like this added. 

⭐ Is there anything you don't want in your wall-hanging?

⭐ If you have any other questions or concerns, please add these to your email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


IMPORTANT > I cannot use trademark items in any pieces that I create due to infringement laws. [example - Star Wars logo] Please do not request that I do so. If you would like a piece themed to it, that can be possible. Please inquire further if this is the case. Thanks! 

Letter Hanger

These hangers are wonderful decor ideas for a child bedroom door. They are customized with a select range of colors.

A few letters may be slightly smaller or bigger but the size is close to the same. All letters will hang on a 8" dowel. 🔤

Price: Starting from $25

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Name Hanger

These wall-hangings are wonderful additions to a child bedroom wall or even a nursery! These are an extension to the letter hangers.

Have a studio for your small business? Have your business name pixelized into a wall-hanging!

🔤 Base price for one letter is $25

🔤Additional letters/symbols > $5 each

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Night Owl

The Night Owl was created on a 12" dowel and drops down at 17" (including hanger)

Price: $50

*This piece has been sold but can be reproduced. Please contact us if you wish to have your own Night Owl. 🦉

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Mellow Melon

Mellow Melon was created on a 18" dowel and drops down to 28" (including hanger). 🍉

Price: $125

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CowBee was created on a 18" dowel and drops down to 30" (including hanger)

This design features macrame flowers 🌸

Price: $165

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