Charity Donations

On this page you can find more specific information about the charities Crafty Stars Studio supports. As time goes on, more will be added. During certain months or days of the year, a percentage of proceeds will be redirected to the charity.

📝 Please note this will only apply for certain items and it will state clearly through social media and the product pages when a percentage of proceeds will be allocated to charity.

On this page you will also see how much has been redirected, numbers are updated as orders are completed.

🌸 Thank you for not only supporting my business but donating to these charities too!


Since the war between Ukraine and Russia; we have made a keyring flag available for purchase. Until further notice, 50% of the Ukrainian flag proceeds will be redirected to The Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal.

🌸 A total of $75 has been raised for the Ukrainian people so far.

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Breast Cancer Awareness

For the entire month of October, 50% of all pink awareness ribbon keyrings will go to The Canadian Cancer Society.

🌸 A total of $20 was raised in October 2021.

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