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Dream Catcher Frames

Dream Catcher Frames

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Each dream catcher set contains three of the same style but in different sizes (3 hearts, 3 moons, or 3 stars. However, we also have a new frame in stock but this comes as a single item - a cloud.

🌳 All Hoooked frames are made from 100% recycled household PET plastics and can be a solid base for anyone wanting to create something with the need of a frame. Making items with recycled materials not only helps the environment but also brings uniqueness to your creations! 

Cloud Size: 21cm (8 inches)

Heart Sizes: 10cm & 15cm & 20cm

Moon Sizes: 10cm & 15cm & 20cm

Star Sizes: 10cm & 15cm & 20cm

🌈 Color: Misty Grey

📌 Looking for some materials to go with your frames? Check them out down below!

3mm Braided 5mm Braided | 9mm Braided 1.5mm 3ply | 5mm 3ply | 9mm 3ply | 1.5mm Single | 3mm Single | 5mm Single | 9mm Single


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