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Hoooked Recycled Cotton Filling - 100g & 250g & 1kg

Hoooked Recycled Cotton Filling - 100g & 250g & 1kg

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🌱 Have you been looking for a more eco-friendly alternative to polyfill? Then this super lightweight product is for you! This filling is made from 100% recycled materials; 85% cotton and 15% other fibers. All the materials are taken from the fashion industry to produce these bags.

This filling comes in bags of 100g, 250g, or if you have a lot of projects on the go then our biggest bag of 1kg will work very well! They also come in three different colors - pearl, cloud, and storm. Having a darker shade of filling will help eliminate the possibility of opposite-colored filling seeping through. You'll find that it's super soft and fluffy!

📏 Rough sizing of bags:
100g (0.22lbs) = 4.5 x 7.5in
250g (0.551lbs) = 9 x 9in
1kg (2.205lbs) = 13 x 12in


💡 Project ideas can include; amigurumi, decor items, pillows, etc...

 🧼 This filling is also washable in the washing machine at a low temperature.




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