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Eco-Friendly Suppliers - WRAPPILY

What is the one thing you need when you're gifting a present to a loved one, a friend, coworker?

Wrapping paper of course!

And how about an added touch around the box?

🎀 Some ribbon or a sweet bow!

Here at Crafty Stars Studio, we have partnered with a female-led business', headquartered in Maui, Hawaii, called Wrappily. The company was founded in 2013 by owner Sara Smith, surrounded by highly talented and supportive people that helped make her products a reality. The wrapping paper itself is milled, printed, and packaged in Washington State, meaning the company has a shortened the supply chain. (products aren't created overseas to be shipped in, reducing their carbon footprint substantially)

Below you can view a more comprehensive list of products that we sell, courtesy of our partners at Wrappily. They also have other products that we currently do not stock. Once our current product line becomes more popular we will most certainly order a restock, including other items that are available!


What is Wrappily Wrapping Paper?

The wrapping paper from wrappily is made from newspaper materials and is an amazing sustainable alternative to other market papersWrappily wrapping paper is a wonderful product to have on the market! The main selling feature is most certainly the fact that it is compostable and recyclable! Once you've used it, simply add it to your composting pile or community composting bin. 
Do you remember newsprints? The younger generations may not remember the daily newspaper but all generations should know by now how to recycle paper. When you're done with your wrapping paper, you can also place it in your paper bin. It's only newspaper print! 

♻️ Did you know? Newspaper print can be recycled up to 7 times!

According to Wrappily's website, recycled newspaper saves the following:

  •  15 trees
  •  71 gallons of oil
  •  125 cubic feet of landfill space
  •  7,000 gallons of water (250 days of consumption for the average American family)
  • 601 kilowatt hours of energy (the equivalent of watching TV for 1800 hours nonstop)

And if we're talking about one ton of wrapping paper - which equates to 10,000 packs of Wrappily paper! This 1:1 swap means:

  • 8,750 miles not being driven by the average passenger vehicle
  • 397 gallons of gasoline not being consumed
  • 3,886 pounds of coal not being burned


🍃 Each packaging also comes without an inner cardboard tube. The paper sheets are simply folded neatly inside a plastic-free, plant-based PLA sleeve to protect them.

Wrappily's paper is also certified by the SFI (sustainable Forestry Initiative), "which upholds standards and principles around land stewardship, wildlife and aquatic habitat, forest productivity and health, protection of water resources, protection of biological diversity, responsible fiber sourcing practices, community involvement, social responsibility, transparency and more." Wrappily.

Their designs are quite amazing, aren't they? They bring in a lot of their designs from local/independent artists & designers. They also source their work with 200+ local shops with press room capabilities to help the industry find new applications, and they even donate 1% of their sales to charity.


Ribbon & Bows 

Find eco-friendly ribbon in our gifting section

Wrappily's ribbons & bows is another amazing product that performs well in its mission for sustainability. They are made from natural fibers and remain plastic-free. 

The bows are artisanal made from a biodegradable natural cotton ribbon and we have got to say, they are unbelievably adorable for any additional gift wrapping finesse. As they are already tied into a bow, they are certainly a convenient add on with a compostable touch.

You'll be able to find five different color themes in our store and should there be any more, we will most certainly stock them in the future!

wrappily bows are a fancy fun addition to any gift

The curling ribbon is also artisanal made by a maker in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who is also committed to a high level of sustainability. Water-based dyes are used, including soy-based non-toxic inks, and cotton yarn that is 100% grown and dyed in the USA. This ribbon can also be composted in your green bin and is biodegradable. 


Overall, we are extremely happy and privileged to have Wrappily as one of our suppliers and we hope to continue to provide their products to our customers far into the future. The world needs more earth-changing businesses like the suppliers we are able to provide to you and we can't wait to build our inventory with many other wonderful sustainable products.

Visit our entire collection to see the variety of amazing wrapping papers and ribbons! It may feel like a small change by switching to a more sustainable source for gift wrapping, but it is an unbelievable monumental step to bringing more people in the fight for a better and more sustainable world.


Sources: https://wrappily.com/blogs/sustainability/unwrapping-our-impact-2021


Do you have any eco-friendly brands in mind that you would love to see in our store? Let us know in the comments below!

We always love hearing from our customers, whether it be questions or ideas! 


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