eco-friendly craft ideas

Ten Eco-Friendly Craft Activities

Ten Sustainable Eco-Friendly Craft Ideas 

Creating eco-friendly pieces of art is a great way of expressing creativity and at the same time, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Additionally, all of these eco-friendly crafts are a great idea as selling pieces at a vendor event.

Spend some quality time teaching yourself a new hobby or expand on already attributed skills! Check out these eco-friendly craft ideas and find the materials in our very store. 💚 

macrame bag1 | Upcycled Bags: Use our zpagetti shirt yarn to create stylish bags. You could even use our braided cotton or 3ply cotton cords instead. Fancy a wooden base with perforated edges? We have those too! 
2 | Recycled Paper Crafts: Turn old discarded paper, magazines, or junk mail into homemade paper. With this, you'll be able to make a wide variety of things from greeting cards to journaling with different colored sheets. Color and draw with this paper with our newest stationary from Onyx + Green 💚
3 | Mason Jar Herb GardenRepurpose empty glass jars as containers for small plants or growing herbs. Use a knotted cord or a crocheted wrap to give it a textured cover. We sell a variety or yarns and cords that would go perfectly with a jar decoration!
4 | Boho Photo Hanging Frames: These are super easy! There's many different & simple patterns to make on a variety of websites. These frames can hold a single polaroid or a small wall of them where multiples can be pinned up.
5 | Bottle/Plant Hangers: Save some counter space and create some bottle/plant hangers with a 3ply rope. 🌱 There aren't as many knots involved with these patterns compared to a wall-hanging, but are still very much a wonderful piece of art to create!
crochet basket

6 | Baskets: One of the latest patterns to be added to our website is a basket duo. Our recommended cord for a basket would be a 9mm braided cord.

7 | Coasters: Use some shirt yarn to create a macrame or crocheted coaster. Want something bigger? How about a rug or some dishcloths?

8 | Macrame Rainbows: Create a macramé rainbow with some 9mm 3ply cord and some soft cotton yarn. Pick out a couple of your favorite colors, wrap it around the 9mm cord and mold into a rainbow. Make sure to stick them together with some glue before hanging them up for display!

9 | Amigurumi: Gather your favorite yarns to create a small ball or your favorite animal. There are many free patterns scattered across the internet so you'll never be bored! 

macrame pixel art

10 | Wall-Hangings: Art is beautiful and can be created in all shapes and sizes. They have been a marvelous expression of emotion and thought. Our favorite style of wall-hangings are pixel art but there are many different styles to learn and expand on. 




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