Meet Our Suppliers

As a store that sells primarily eco-friendly craft and gifting materials, we want you to meet some of our amazing suppliers! 


Located in Warsaw, Poland, Bobbiny cords come from a husband and wife team Aleksandra and Tomasz. Each cord is proudly OEKO-TEX certified with Standard 100 and is made from the highest quality recycled cotton.

Click the links below to see our Bobbiny Collection:

1.5mm Single Strand • 3mm Single Strand • 5mm Single Strand • 9mm Single Strand 

3mm Braided Cord • 5mm Braided Cord • 9mm Braided Cord

1.5mm 3ply Rope • 3mm 3ply Rope • 5mm 3ply Rope • 9mm 3ply Rope

Cotton Candy Bundles • 3mm 3ply Metallic Rope • Color Palette Cards




Click the links below to see our Hoooked Collection:

T-Shirt Yarn • Ribbon Yarn • Odyssey Lurex Yarn • Cordino Yarn • Soft Cotton DK Yarn • 100g Somen * Recycled Plastic Letter Frames • Recycled Plastic Dream Catchers • Recycled Cotton Stuffing • Wavy Blends




Clink on the links below to see our Wrappily Collection:

Wrapping paper • Ribbon Bow Packs • Ribbon



Letter Hanger

These hangers are wonderful decor ideas for a child bedroom door. They are customized with a select range of colors.

A few letters may be slightly smaller or bigger but the size is close to the same. All letters will hang on a 8" dowel. 🔤

Price: Starting from $25

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Name Hanger

These wall-hangings are wonderful additions to a child bedroom wall or even a nursery! These are an extension to the letter hangers.

Have a studio for your small business? Have your business name pixelized into a wall-hanging!

🔤 Base price for one letter is $25

🔤Additional letters/symbols > $5 each

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Night Owl

The Night Owl was created on a 12" dowel and drops down at 17" (including hanger)

Price: $50

*This piece has been sold but can be reproduced. Please contact us if you wish to have your own Night Owl. 🦉

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Mellow Melon

Mellow Melon was created on a 18" dowel and drops down to 28" (including hanger). 🍉

Price: $125

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CowBee was created on a 18" dowel and drops down to 30" (including hanger)

This design features macrame flowers 🌸

Price: $165

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