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LAST ITEMS - Discontinued Bobbiny Cords

LAST ITEMS - Discontinued Bobbiny Cords

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While Bobbiny has a lot of amazing colors, sadly, there are some that don't stick around forever. Here you'll be able to find most of the discontinued products. Some you may find have their own limited-edition listing.


❤️ With the exception of a silvery, glossy, or golden tinted roll, BOBBINY junior braided cord is made from 100% recycled cotton to make a soft, flexible, and chunky material. Golden, glossy, and silvery-stranded cords contain a small amount of polyester and polyamide. (7% total)

❤️ All macrame cord from BOBBINY has earned the OEKO-TEX certificate standard 100, meaning this cord doesn't contain any harmful substances that could be a danger to the environment or human life. It is also made with the highest quality of fibers and is a favorite of many artists around the world! 

🌳 Making items with recycled materials not only helps the environment but also brings uniqueness to your creations! 

🧶 Please note that the color can be slightly different when looking at different screens or due to the manufacturing of recycled cotton rolls. We try our best to make sure the colors are as accurate as possible.

💡Braided cord is perfect for a beginner with multiple forms of fiber art. Crochet, knitting, macrame, and plenty more. This material holds together very well when trying to learn a new skill, helping you to avoid fraying strands💡 


5mm Braided: A typical skein contains 100m/108 yards and has a weight of 500g. The recommended tool for crocheting/knitting: 8-10mm. Please note with braided cords, they cannot be brushed out. 

9mm Braided: A typical skein contains 100m/108 yards and has a weight of 1200g. The recommended tool for crocheting/knitting: 16-18mm. Please note with braided cords, they cannot be brushed out. 

5mm Single Strand: A typical roll contains 100m/108 yards and has a weight of 690g. The inner spool is made from recycled paper and is biodegradable.

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Looking for a color palette for our Bobbiny cord?  Click Here


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Last Items - Colors Being Discontinued

5mm Single Strand: Golden Blackberry, Silvery Misty, Silvery Jeans, Strawberry, Magic Pink, Mojito.

5mm Braided: Magic Pink, Magic Iris, Magic Green.

9mm Braided: Baby Pink.

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